Jinan Greenland Guojin Sales Center

Project Address:  Jinan, Shandong Province
Developer:  Greenland Group
Project area:  2850㎡


Ancient Chinese literati enjoyed the meditation of sympathy with nature. They could not help reading cultural books to enjoy the charming of culture. Western nobles practiced sophisticated etiquette standards. They put rational logic into metaphysical inquiry and sought for emotional blending beyond ingenuity. The aristocratic culture does not mean the culture of a certain class, but the realm, height and philosophical and poetic way of life pursued by a country, a nation and a person.


Greenland Shandong International Finance Center is designed with nature as its origin. It collects fresh air from valley green forests into the interior, and pursues its contemporary cultural aesthetics through the presentation of traditional Chinese extraordinary weather through Taoist instruments. The flexibility of nature, the aesthetic display of traditional crafts, and the texture aesthetics of modern design are integrated, overlapped, merged and sublimated in the flowing space. They are complete, orderly, well-laid out, and compatible with the beauty of human reason and natural interest.